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POZFEST, 2010-1012


In the summer of 2010 I set up Pozfest, a music festival fundraiser in memory of Paul Brewer who tragically died in a car accident in Marchof that year.
Paul was a close friend and a wonderful person, one who shared selflessly with others, was peace loving and had tireless energy. Pozfest was a beautiful, boutique festival that provided a fitting tribute to a very special person and raised money for an extremely good cause. 
 In its first year, Pozfest sold 450 tickets and managed to raise £1500 for Paulo Memorial Fund. . This was achieved through a lot of hard work, planning and generosity from local businesses and volunteers.

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After a successful first year, we decided to grow Pozfest and build a bigger and better festival. We increased the ticket price to enable us to book more acts and improve the offering.  We expanded the dance tent, improved the layout, food offering, activities and facilities.

 All in all Pozfest 2011 was bigger, slicker and busier but kept the boutique, magical cosinesss of the original event.




Following Pozfest 2011 I had a choice to make. We could keep building this now popular little festival into something even bigger and more profitable, or scale it right back and return to the original purpose of the event; to bring together the friends and family of Paul and provide an opportunity for them to get together and celebrate his life in a way that he would have enjoyed. 
 In 2012 we created a small, festival-style celebration. Instead of selling tickets we ran our own pay bar and food stand and invited 150 people to enjoy the party. We had a sit down, moroccan inspired meal as the main event on the saturday. The meal was a truly communal affair with everyone taking part in the cooking and preparation process. Cooking the tagines and putting together the luscious sharing platters of dips, crudites and locally baked flat-breads was the perfect activity to bring everyone together and create an epic feast.


My Role

I was the overall creator and director of Pozfest, responsible for all areas of organization including negotiating and booking music and entertainments, food concessions, bars, amenities, security, website and ticket sales, health and safety, media and marketing, accounts and investments and volunteer coordination. 
 I worked closely with The Box Collective, Alex Delfont (co-director), Lily O'hara (creative director), Taz Alexander (back stage manager) and Will Thomas (lighting and technical director) Hugo Boswell (site manager), and many others.


• Site planning
• Health and safety coordination
• PR and marketing
• Personal license holder
• Budgets, forecasts and planning
• Negotiation with businesses, suppliers and agents
• Set designs
• Concessions management - bars, food stands, stalls, 

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