SHIFT 2019

Practical sustainability course

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At the end of summer 2018 I went to a talk with Geoff Laughton, the world renowned Permaculture consultant, teacher and designer from The Permaculture Research Institute at Zaytuna Farm, Australia. Geoff is a hero in the permaculture world and seeing him speak at Feed Bristol last September was a pivotal moment.

For as long as i can remember I have had an interest in permaculture, off-grid living and intentional communities. Woofing round France, a week at Eco dharma in Spain, Brake the Cycle (a cycling trip visiting permaculture community en route) and most recently, a visit to Garth’s Boulder Gardens in Joshua Tree, California are just some of the places i have visited along the way, feeling that something about this way of life appeals to me and keeps coming back into my life.

Listening to Geoff Laughton speak about his life journey, from surfer-bum to international permaculturist, I knew it was time to embrace this opportunity and dive headfirst into the ‘permy’ world. That evening I signed up and took the last space on SHIFT Bristol’s Practical Sustainability Course and I haven’t looked back.