Catt Skellington Gypsy Jazz Band

Catt Skellington Gypsy Jazz Band

Poster design by Katy Rose Design

Poster design by Katy Rose Design

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Minnie's Roadhouse

March 4th 2017

Immersive theatre speakeasy

'If you cats and dolls like your dance floors jiving, hooch-a-flowing and good times rolling you better get on down to Minnie’s Roadhouse, the wildest winding this side of the Mississippi, for a night of toe tapping, hip shaking debauchery done the good old fashioned way.'

Minnie's Roadhouse was an immersive theatre production held on the Isle of Wight. It was created by The Moonshine Collective, and made up of island artists, musicians, foodies, and professional party people, dedicated to creating unforgettable events.

The storyline

It's 1920's deep south america. The country is in the midst of the prohibition era and Minnie Monroe has moved her speakeasy out to the backwaters of Mississppi to get away from the heat of the law. Tonight amongst the usual debauchery Minnie's Roadhouse is infamous for there will be gangsters with guns, police raids, burlesque dancers and a whole lot of action.

My role

I played the role of Minnie Monroe as well as being heavily involved with most elements of event production and coordination.. 

Director and Co-producer
•set design and build
•costume and prop design
•storyline creation
•rehearsal facilitation
•co-direction for promo videos
•Menu design
•Marketing and PR

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