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Some ideas we pondered whilst designing our logo.

Kitchen Social

Speed dating cookery class and team-building


Founded in 2015, before clocked onto this idea I might add!
I was working at the Community Kitchen in Hamilton house, cooking once a week for Coexist's community lunch. A vegan feast for 80-100 people. I was helped each week by volunteers who were artists and freelancers renting studios within the building. Every week I would meet 3 or 4 lovely new people who would rock up to help out in the kitchen. By the end of the morning's cooking, chopping and chatting together, it would feel like we had connected and learnt a lot about each other in a very natural, easy way.
Single at the time and not particularly enjoying my forays into the world of Tinder, I decided to launch Kitchen Social, a speed dating cookery class to help the single people of Bristol meet each other in a new, fun and food focused way.

 Initially I called this Pulled (liking the play on pulled pork idea) but changed the name to Kitchen Social. I ran this as an alternative Valentine's event and then the following year as part of Food Connections festival in 2016. It was a huge success and a lot of fun, we could even boast one or two blossoming romances. 


Learning and future projects

Kitchen Social was a huge success. From the welcome drinks to the final goodbyes, there was a buzz. People were into it. It was new and exciting and easy and fun. 

 But it doesn't need to stop at speed dating. This format is ideal for   corporate team-building, school groups. community outreach programmes, you name it. Getting people together in the kitchen is always a good idea and this is a proven formula. 

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